Thursday, June 10, 2010

2010 Stanley Cup. Blackhawks win!!!

Tonight for the first time since 1961 the Chicago Blackhawks brought home the Stanley Cup. The Philadelphia Flyers put up a good fight and it was an amazing game. Tied up at 33 they went into overtime and Kane came in to sscore the winning goal. Wish I did not have to work on Friday. I would love to go to the parade and Rally!
Stanley Cup 2010 Champions. The Chicago Blackhawks.
Chicago Fans Celebrating on Madison Ave after the win
City Pride!
Patrick Kane
Our Amazing Goalie Antti Niemi
Captain Jonathan Toews

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My nieces

Couple of my favorite shots of the weekend. LOVE these girls to death and would do anything for them!!!

At the Drive in!

Saturday night Shaun and I took Skyy out to the drive in movie. We had so much fun! I really hope we can get back again while we are home for Cherry Festival in July!

Nevaeh turns one!!

So this last Sunday we celebrated Nevaeh's 1st Birthday. Really? Already? Yep! The party was at Alyssa's Mom's house. Thanks for hosting Jackie! We had a great time! Presents, cake, friends and family. The Birthday girls was a little cranky but she made it through the day. Here are a couple of my favorite shots that I got.

Monday, May 31, 2010

CUC Birthday Bash!!

This month (Well June) Cookin up Creations will be celebrating their 1 year B-day. There will be daily challenges, prizes, games and SO much more. I hope you can stop on over and check it out. If you need to get your scrapbooking mojo back I think this will be the celebration for YOU!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All unpacked!

WOW!! I am SO excited that we are all unpacked and DONE getting the new place all prepped. We have now been here for 3 weeks and 3 days and we love it. The people upstairs are SO much quieter than crazy Therese at the Wayne condo. We were worried about the lack of parking and we have not had any problem with that either. On june 15th we will have a parking spot out back so we are very excited about that. So, here is the place! Now we just hope to have visitors soon :)

Livingroom--The new couch that we are loving. It is not the one we originaly chose but that one would not fit through the door so we had to pick out something different. Happy we went with this one.

We love the glass block wall. Was a little strange to me at first but now I love how unique it is!You can see the new coffee table, end tables and lamps in this one. We love them too :)View from the hallway looking into livingroom and kitchen

The shelves that are on both sides of the TV are from IKEA. They are perfect for our DVDs and I think they look great! They are a little taller than we thought they would be but it ended up working out just right. I was also very excited to get my bookshelf back...for my books ;)

This one shows the rack we got from IKEA for our pots/pans/toaster/etc. None of the cupboards are deep enough to hold those items so we found this at IKEA and we had an odd little cubby hole space that it fit perfect into.
View from the top of the stairs.I love how the counter seperates the kitchen and livingroom.

Our much smaller kitchen. I was a little worried about this at first but it ended up being perfect. It does afterall still have a dishwasher. ;)

Standing at the top of the stairs looking down to the left. That is our front (and only) door out.
Standing at the top of the stairs looking right. That armoire was left by the previous tennant and I have it full of scrapbooking stuff.

Shauns desk area. We only have one chair for us to share right now, that is why there is not one at his desk ;)
Looking right at my desk. I love my desk and I love my area. My new OTT light that I scored for over 1/2 off at Michaels a few months ago! Above the desk I have a layout that I made with a picture of my Team and I during the Breast cancer 3-Day walk last year. Makes my heart happy that I can look up and see them everyday. Love those girls so much! Next to that are the signs that Shaun was holding up at one of the cheering stations during the walk.

View from the front looking in. The door in the back of the room is a GIANT closet and it is also where we have the litter box. SO nice having it out of the way.

Favorite purchasse in a long time. I have wanted the IKEA Expedit shelves for a LONG time and I finally have them! They are mostly organized but I still have a little tweaking to do. I also got the 4 white boxes at IKEA.

Looking into the room from the front door. I am hoping that guests will like how we have it set up when they come to stay. Nice comfortable futon, tv, radio, privacy. Come visit us everyone!! :)

Bathroom, Nothing exciting. Small, but we are used to that.

View of Bedroom looking in from hallway

Looking towards closet.

Great view of the frame. This is also new and we love it. We have never had a frame before so we were pretty excited to get one. You can also see another armoire that the previous tennant left us. Loving all the storage!

I hope you have enjoyed the tour. We are so happy that we picked this place and we are looking forward to many years here. We hope!

Monday, March 8, 2010

March Design Team Reveal

My March Design Team reveal for Cookin' up Creations

I was so excited when I saw the kit this month. I love working with bright colors and this kit was full of bright and fun patterns. Thank you to Pinecone Press for this GREAT kit!!!